Red and Grey Dawn

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The Red and Grey Dawn is the term used to describe the rise of Productivist ideology in micronations.


Rise of Micronational Productivism

After the dissolution of Estan, two states were created

These two states, started an ideological movement called Micronational Productivism based on the writings of D. Erustrov, former Prime Minister of Helasia. Later on, the two states merged under a communist-productivist government.Nowadays, Micronational Productivism gains a lot of attention around the micronational world.

Protection of Productivism

On 8 March 2019, Helasia and Khersoland signed a treaty called "Treaty of Protection and Political Unity", agreeing to protect the one-party form of these states, and develop productivism in their ranks. This treaty, however, was renewed and the system changed to a multi-party one. In order to protect the idea behind this treaty though, the two states made laws that prohibit the creation of ecological parties as well as fascist ones.