Quebecois People's Army

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Quebecois People's Army
Québécois Gens Armée
Quebecois People's Army Badge.svg
People's Army Badge
Flag of the Quebecois People's Army2.svg
Infantry Colour of the Quebecois People's Army
Motto"Lest we all serve the state!"
Founded25 May
Current form2019
Service branches
Commander-in-ChiefGovernment flag of the People's Party of Quebec.svg Flag of the United People's Republic of Quebec.svg Aidan McGrath (General Secretary and President)
Chief of Defense StaffFlag of the United People's Republic of Quebec.svg Alex Jevahirian
Military age15-60 years of age for compulsory military service
Active personnel2
Domestic suppliersGovernment of the UPRQ
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The Quebecois People's Army QPA (Template:Lang-hu) is the military of the Communist Party of Quebec and the People's Federation of Quebec.