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Qawexel is the capital of the Democratic Republic of Qewexlia.


Qawexel is a remote capital, in the southern part of the micronation, near the coast, and it is underground, so it is a very weird capital. In land the only thing can be seen are some roofed stairs to what is supposed to be the capital, and they're far away from any roads, villages or any populated areas of Cyprus, making the capital hard to find.

In the capital, there isn't almost anything in common with a capital city of a country. No historical places, no streets, no buildings, no hotels, no restaurants,... just a dark, narrow corridor with a few offices of the administration of the micronation. Most times they're empty and there isn't anybody in there, however some explorers said they found some people in there. The corridor leads to five rooms, which are usually closed and unable to enter in:

1- Ministry of Intercommunications' Office: It's the first room can be seen after going down the stairs. In it probably takes place the office of the communications with the exterior.

2- A large warehouse: It's the second room viewable. It contains some amount of boxes in which there are stuff of the administration of the micronation. There is also a strongbox protected with password in which probably there's crucially important stuff about the micronation and, as said by explorers, the most secrets of it.

3- Toilets: There are small toilets in the third viewable room. It is supposed to be used by the officers and people of the place.

4- A closed unknown room: In the fourth room there is a unknown room which has been seen always closed. There is anything known of it, however most explorers guess the room is some bedrooms or a dinning room.

5- The President's Office: It's the last room of the corridor. It is a large and tidy room, which keeps most time closed, and unable to enter in. However, at the door there are some papers of the president which are a real mystery that the all explorers want to know. Some researchers even arrived to the entrance of the room, and opened a research about the secrets of the micronation.


5 or 7 (Thought by researchers).