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Québécois State Central Television
HeadquartersCitadelle, Quebecois FSR, Quebec
Broadcast area
OwnerFlag of the People's Federation of Quebec.svg MSPT
Flag of the Communist Party of Quebec.svg CPQ Publicity Council
Key people
Aidan McGrath
Launch date
27 May 2019 (2019-05-27)
Former names
Quebecois Broadcasting Company
CallsignsVoice of the People (external)
Official website
Official website
SubsidiaryQSCTV Baustralia

The Québécois State Central Television (QSCTV) is the dominant Québécois State television provider. Its headquarters are at Building 7 in Citadelle, Quebecois FSR, People's Federation of Quebec and it is the countries oldest national broadcasting organisation The total number of staff is 1 when part-time, flexible, and fixed-contract staff are included.

The QSCTV provides programming in two different languages. Most of its programmes are a mixture of news, documentary, the majority of which consists of Quebecois Movies and entertainment. It was established on May 27, 2019, and it is a news and public opinion organization, and an ideological and cultural front in Quebec. As a state television station it is responsible to both the Standing Committee of the Communist Party of Quebec and the Supreme Council.


Since its inception, QSCTV has had many Channels, which include Channel one and two. The QSCTV also has planned on making a third channel for playing state provided music and parades.

Channel one

Channel one, currently is used for state news and government related issues. Channel 1 is also used mostly by the Communist Party of Quebec for promotional advertisements and propaganda on the channel. Operation of the Channel begins at 9:00 am and ends at 10:00 pm, however the QSCTV Radio continues news throughout the night for this channel.

Channel two

Channel two is currently in use for world news and Movies, the channel runs shorter compared to its counterpart Channel one.The channel starts at 12:00 pm and ends at 7:00 pm it is most notable for being home to the Quebecois short film contest which is held annually.

Other channels

The QSCTV also operates in the Kingdom of Baustralia as QSCTV Baustralia and it reports on Quebecois and Baustralian news. On 29 September 2019, the QSCTV took interest in adding channel in the Empire of Kapreburg called QSCTV Kapreburg which would do the same as QSCTV Baustralia, however the Emperor is not allowing the Channel even when the QSCTV has claimed it as a "private business".

Programming and schedules

The QSCTV broadcasts only 8 hours each day from 14:30 until 22:40 EST daily, and 14 hours from 08:30 to 22:40 EST or later on Sundays and key national holidays. There is another exception, for the emergency events in the PFQ at night or daytime, it starts up without any announcers or the interval signal.

The following illustrates part of a typical day's broadcasting on QSCTV on weekdays:

Broadcast time Broadcast programmes Approximate broadcast durations
Welcome to QSCTV at 14:30 or 2:30 Eastern Standard Time
14:30-15:00 Test card is shown, before beginning of program a ten minute countdown is shown at bottom of test card. 30 minutes
15:00-15:10 National anthem, introduction announcement, television listings 10 minutes
15:10-16:20 Special events recap 70 minutes
16:20-17:00 Documentary specials 40 minutes
17:00-17:20 Afternoon News 20 minutes
17:20-17:25 Press Review 5 minutes
17:30-18:00 Children's Broadcast time (cartoons and older soviet cartoons) 30 minutes
18:00-18:15 Law enforcement show 15 minutes
18:15-18:35 Military show 20 minutes
18:35-19:00 Sports 40 minutes
19:00-19:25 The evening news 25 minutes
19:25-19:30 Weather forecast 5 minutes
19:30-20:00 Sitcom (usually governmental or daily life themed TV series) 30 minutes
20:00-20:40 Music videos; also includes the live uncut show Secessions@MCQ 40 Minutes
20:50-22:20 Feature Film 90 minutes
22:20-22:25 The late night news 5 minutes
22:25-22:30 Weather forecast 5 minutes
22:30-22:35 Political news 5 minutes
22:35-22:40 TV listings for tomorrow, sign-off announcement, National Flag and patriotic music 5 minutes
22:40-14:30 Off the air. Test card is shown 13 hours and 10 minutes

Test card

During the last 5 minutes of the broadcast, patriotic songs or classical musical works of the PFQ are played. There are minor test card changes from time-to-time.