Pyrocardia-Sirocco relations

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In light of the Valentine's War, relations between the Federal Commonwealth of Sirocco and Pyrocardia are somewhat hostile. However this has since been settled.

The Zonian Connection

The Siroccans view the Pyrocardians as secessionists. This comes from the days of the Zonian Confederacy. Dictatorial Advisor and founding member, Nathan Nadler-nir was registered as a Zonian. He never truly left and his defection to Pyrocardia was viewed as the theft of a citizen. This was only discovered by the Pyrocardian Dictator after the war began.

Valentine's War

The reason it also known as the Bloodless War is because there was no actual conflict, as the Dictator feared there may have been, because the Pyrocardians feared the military might of Sirocco. The nation was forced to give up 1/4 of their territory.

Current Relations

Negotiations have been reached and Pyrocardia has been told that they will be left alone.