Public Security of Québec

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Public Security of Québec
Sécurité publique du Québec (French)
Coat of arms of the Public Security
Flag of the Public Security
MottoHonor, Effort, Peaceful
Founded26 January 2023 (4 months ago) (2023-01-26)
Service branches
Commander-in-ChiefKing Iker I
PresidentJake 100animations
Commandant of the Public ForceVacant
Military age16 minimum
BudgetQBC 500
Percent of GDP1.34%

The Public Security of Québec is the military force of the Kingdom of Québec. It was established by Sovereign Ordinance no 24 on 26 January 2023 (2023-01-26)

Its branches are the Company of the Guards and the Brigade of the Firefighters.

It is a part of the Ministry of Territory under the Department of Protection.


Emblem of the Public Security of Québec.

The main symbol of the Public Force is the coat of arms. It represents the readiness of the Public Force, its discipline and, by depicting an shield and not a weapon, its peaceful character. It is also featured on the Medal of the Public Force.


The Public Security is under the joint command of the Commandant of the Public Security who holds the rank of colonel, but is referred to as "commandant" for the duration of their posting. The position is currently vacant.

Each service branch is headed by a Chief of the Corps who usually holds the rank of colonel or lieutenant colonel.

Military branches

The Public Security is composed of two service branches: the Company of the Guards and the Brigade of the Firefighters. The two branches are full-time militarized armed corps. They both have the same hierarchy, with the same ranks and grades.

Company of the Guards

The Company of the Guards have for mission, to attend to the safety of the Kingdom, to attend the execution of the laws and participate in the maintain of the public order as well as to execute the missions ordered by the government.

Brigade of the Firefighters

The Brigade of the Firefighters have for mission, to ensure the service of firefighting, of general safety and of emergency in the Kingdom as well as to lend its help in the maintain of the public order.


Due to its peaceful and defensive nature, the Public Security mainly maintains tools and equipment related to emergency preparedness.