Project Microcity

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Project Microcity
Construction date2022 (estimated)
Opening dateN/A
Founding membersZarel I of New Eiffel, and JJ Maxwell of the Empire of Qoí
Population50 - 100 (planned)
Number of housesUnknown
Number of districts3 (planned)

Project Microcity is a planned micronation between Zarel Smith and JJ Maxwell. The idea was originally planned by Zarel. In his main idea, Zarel planned to move to Iceland, and construct a functioning city. JJ was willing to help construct a micronation out of these two cities after he had a similar idea. Eryn Lewis also helped bring Project Microcity to life after asking, "why don't all the people who want to make a city micronation all just merge together and make one big city micronation?" A few plans were put together by JJ and Zarel a few hours later.


A few broad goals have been agreed upon by Zarel and JJ.

  • New Eiffel will most likely be a state in the micronation
  • The Empire of Qoí will most likely be dissolved before the project begins
  • Iceland is the most likely candidate for Zarel's state/city
  • Central Pennsylvania is the most likely candidate for JJ's state/city
  • The two states will be under one central government, similar to the United States
  • The project is set to begin in 2022