Progressive Futurist Party (Cyberia)

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The PFP was the primary oppostion party to the Social Democratic Party of Cyberia in the old Virtual Commonwealth of Cyberia. During the final collapse of the VCC, the PFP moved en masse to the Free Republic of Rocentia.

This article dates from about that time.

The political agenda of the PFP includes the following:

  • The development of science and technology as means of improving the lives of the citizens of Rocentia.
  • Protection of civil liberties and civil rights of Rocentians.
  • The promotion of individual initiative and economic freedom over schemes of collectivization and socialism.
  • Support for the social and political rights of minorities and women in Rocentia.
  • Complete separation of church and state and strict religious neutrality of the government.
  • The maintenance of a strong defense posture for Rocentia.

The current members of the PFP are: