Social Democratic Party of Cyberia

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(The following refers solely to the Social Democratic Party and is history within the Cyberias of micronationry.)

The Social Democratic Party is a political party in the Virtual Commonwealth of Cyberia. It was founded by Jack Santucci on February 4, 2002 with three goals (

To promote the social democratic tradition, adapted to a micronational context: democratic rights; labor empowerment; humane domestic and foreign policies; and real equality of opportunity grounded in a right to subsistence; To recreate and perpetuate a civil Cyberian political dialogue; To put Cyberia's prosperity first.


The Social Democrats emerged against a quiet backdrop. Almost immediately the Restoration of Civility and Civilization Act sought to suspend the citizenship and rights of one citizen. (See: Third War for Cyberian Liberation - ed.)The SDP formed the United Leftist Front, a coalition with the Socialist Party of Cyberia and the Radical Party of Cyberia to defend human rights and the progressive cause in the country. In the short term, the ULF was critical to defeating the RCCA. The Socialist Party later dissolved and the Radical Party merged with the SDP.

The Social Democratic Party has announced its dissolution in the VCC.

Notable members past and present

The SDP has provided most Presidents of the Virtual Commonwealth of Cyberia since October 2002, although it has not always held a legislative majority in that time.

Due to crimes against the peoples of Cyberia commited under various SDP governments of the VCC, the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Cyberia has banned the SDP. The FRC finds precedance for this in that most states of Central Europe have banned the NSDAP.