Principality of Serssia

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Principality of Serssia
Coat of Arms

Für Gott, Prinz und Vaterland (For god, Prince, and Fatherland)
Ein Prosit
Longview, Washington, United States
Capital cityBlanc, Serssia
Largest cityBlanc, Serssia
Official language(s)English, German, and Mandarin Chinese
Short nameSerssia
LegislatureDirect Democracy
Area claimed0.0067km²
CurrencyU.S. Dollar
Time zone(PST)
National animalCrow

The Principality of Serssia, more commonly known as Serssia, is a micronation in the Pacific Northwest. The Nation was set up by Piper I on 7 June 2019, but the idea was tossed around for a little under a year. The Serssian mainland is completely landlocked by Longview, while its Mühle Fluss Colony is 14.8 miles west, and is landlocked by Cowlitz County. Serssia is a Principality. The population is 7, two of which are dogs, but there are three more citizens, which do not live on the mainland or colony.


A Declaration of Independence from the United States was issued on 7 June 2019, this was the same day that Piper I declared himself Prince.

Politics and government

Serssian Government is split between three branches: the Executive, run by the Prime Minister, the Legislative, and the Judiciary. The judiciary is not able to take part in other branches of government.

The Executive and Legislative branches are mostly seperate but every member of the Executive may take part in activities of the Legislative branch; and members of the Executive Cabinet are chosen from the Legislative branch by the Prime Minister.

The Crown may take part in all forms of government.

Law and order

Serssia has one member of Police, and mirrors the laws of the State of Washington. The Serssian Court is led by a judge, selected by The Crown, but the Prince must be present for all cases.

Foreign relations

Starting out, we provide foreign aid to the U.S. in the form of taxes and tariffs. we have very good relations with the U.S.. As the nation matures, there is hope that we will be able to make relations with other micronations.


Serssia has 3 branches of Military; The Army, The Navy, and The Rocket Force.

The Army consists of the Prince, and 2 other people. Our weapons consist of a GF600 airsoft revolver, 2 re-curve bows, 2 polyurethane training swords, and a fencing saber. Our vehicles consist of a bike, a 1966 ford F-250 (for troop transport), and a horse named Quelow (used for the 1st Calvary division).

The Navy consists of Admiral Jayce. The only boat is a Kayak nicknamed the PNS Longview (PNS stands for Prince's Navy Ship).

The Rocket Force consists of the Prince as the lead Scientist. The only item is the PRR HiJinx (Prince's Royal Rocket). There was another rocket, but it was decommissioned after a crash rendered it unusable.

Geography and climate

The Climate in Serssia and its colony is very mild, the mainland is on a hill, despite this, Upper Serssia was subject to floods, before a drain was put in. Since the drain was put in, The Upper Serssian Wetlands were renamed The Upper Serssian Farmlands.

The Colony of Mühle Fluss is considered a Plains area.

Climate can be viewed here : Climate


Hard labor is exchanged for importation of food and other life necessities. We use the U.S. Dollar, and are currently trying to institute our own currency.

Culture and media

Serssia is currently attempting to make a news station, but as the Prince speaks to all members on a regular basis, there is no need for this type of media.