Principality of Gemnoviag

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Principality of Gemnoviag



Coat of Arms

Motto: Working Together With Brother and Sister at Hand
Musical Anthem:Star Shines its Light on Gemnoviag -
Type of entity: Former Nation
Location: North Idaho
Area claimed: 0.04 sq. mi.
Membership: 20 (Before Dissolution)
Date of foundation: 2001
Leadership: Prince Phil Walker
Form of government: Absolute Monarchy/Principality
Religion Christian
Language: English

The Principality of Gemnoviag was the first version of what is now the Republic of Gemnoviag it was succeeded by the Communist Government of the UCSG. It was ruled harshly and strictly by the Prince, Phil Walker. It lasted only until 2004 when the Communist party overran the government building which was then on Azalea Ave. in Rosen, Gemnoviag.

The Flag

The flag for the Principality of Gemnoviag contrary to belief was created before the similarities between it and Liechtenstein's flag were noticed. Although ironic the new Republic of Gemnoviag has close ties to Liechtenstein.