Republic of Gemnoviag

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Republic of Gemnoviag
Flag of Republic of Gemnoviag
Coat of arms of Republic of Gemnoviag
Coat of arms
Motto: "Clear Skies and Real Catholics"
Anthem: Star Shines its Light on Gemnoviag
Other languagesEnglish, Gemeleze
GovernmentDemocratic republic
• President
Jaden Rosencrans
• Vice President
Jessica Williams
• Total
0.12 sq mi (0.31 km2)

The Republic of Gemnoviag is a micronation located in North Idaho. It was established in 2001 and currently claims 0.12 square miles of territory.

Gemnoviag has recently under-gone a Governmental reform from being a Constitutional Republic to a Mixture of Constitutional Republic, Democratic Republic, and Liberal Democracy. The name of the country will remain the Republic of Gemnoviag however the Government fully changed to the new form in July 2008.

The new governmental pyramid was released in June 2008. The Coat of Arms will not be changed after a vote in the citizens' council, and the elections are now complete putting Jaden Rosencrans in as president for another 2 years until 2010.

New overleadership

The feudal kingdom of the Chuntaro Clan is the new ultimate leadership of the nation as of April, 2019. It was claimed as the nation was inactive and needed a new rebirth. The takeover was all cyber, and occurred right here on microwiki.


Gemnoviag recently started its official branch of government, The Roman Catholic Church of Gemnoviag. Like every other catholic church it is subjectable to the Pope in Rome. Along with that the new portal of that church recently opened on the website found at this website. Also notable about Gemnoviag is its constitution puts the Pope as having the ability to overrule the government's decisions. The Catholic strength in Gemnoviag is also shown in its constitution where it says citizens are required to finish Catechism and be baptized Catholic.


Several new things with Gemnoviag have recently happened. The Gemnoviag website has been undergoing several changes, Gemnoviag left the NAFM and joined the UNAM and finally started the 2008 Constitution Reforms. All of the new changes will be visible on the government page expected to be finished in 2009.


Gemnoviag's economy boosted off the mark as of March 12, 2008, when the Citizens Council agreed to use eBay to raise Gemnoviag's GDP. Even before the first product has been entered the Email's came flooding in. With 300 emails of expecting people waiting... Pre-orders have amounted to a surprising $545.00 or *1090. The newest exports of the Republic are below:

1. Oil/Gasoline = 1,789.21

2. Food/Water Supplies = 912.21

3. Fertile/Treated Soil = 546.21

4. Collector Sales = 325.42

5. Special Planting Equipment/Seeds = 168.33

Total for 2008(So Far)= 3,647.88

Or *7294.76

Gemnoviag has also pulled a revenue of $2,215.00 in it's 3% income tax per. month.


According to the Gemeleze Constitution,

The Taxes of Gemnoviag for any business or resident in Gemnoviag claimed area are as followed:
Personal - *100 per. Month
Business (200 a year gross) - *25 pr. Month
Business (200 & Up) - *50 pr. Month

Income Taxes All Per Month

Low (*2,000 or lower) - *150
Middle (*4,000) - *300
High (*8,000) - *450

Tax Deductables

Hosting a Public Event *50
Healthcare Donation *75
Education/Upkeep/Construction Donation *100


The national anthem of Gemnoviag is Star Shines its Light on Gemnoviag. Gemnoviag is a micronation founded in 2001 in North Idaho with 229 citizens and recognized independence in 2008. When first founded the country was called the Principality of Gemnoviag. After the collapse of the monarchy the nation then became the United Communist Society of Gemnoviag or the UCSG. The government is now a Republic and the President is Jaden Rosencrans. Now as of 2007 the nation is becoming more known recently the President did an interview with the Shoshone News Press and was placed in the Kootenai, Post Falls, and Shoshone Newspapers. The nation has 0.12 mi. of land and the Capital is Azythia. The national currency distributed is the Gemel recently switched to Paper Money and the coins previously used. Now the nation has formed a real government and, are proud to have Jessica Williams as their Vice President again.

Entering Gemnoviag

When entering Gemnoviag the reality is that, well it looks just like the USA... However, there are a few differences. In the summer the Gemeleze Street Meet occurs and all of Forsythia St. is colored in Red, Green, and White, the colors of the banner. The race to see who can finish first is always enjoyed by the people and is a popular tourist attraction. Gemnoviag is now finally on Google Maps (C) and popularity on the internet is still rising. The number of tourists entering Azythia went up from around 20 in 2005 to around 200 in 2008. The "End of the Year" parade is another popular attraction for the small nation. It attracts a croud of around 350 (229 being the actual national population) as the national anthem and "Auld Lang Syne" are sung together in harmony.

Returning from an International Trip

Gemnoviag's President Jaden Rosencrans just returned from his trip to Vaduz, Port-Au-Prince, Novosibirsk, and Beijing after meeting several important people and watching some of the Summer Olympics. The trip took a total of 2 weeks and he left from Spokane Intl. Airport (GEG) and exchanged flights at San Francisco Intl. Airport (SFO) for Zurich, Switzerland.

Growing on the Global Trade

A recent trip to Washington D.C. brought Gemnoviag up in Global Production. Now they are at 0.3%... Not a lot but Gemnoviag is now sending wheat and electronic goods to Russia, Liechtenstein, Haiti, and Malawi. As the American economy is fading, the Gemeleze economy is getting stronger! The reason for this is probably because Gemnoviag depends very little on America for any of it's imports and the USA isn't really a big taker of the exports either...

Allied and Watchful Nations

Gemnoviag is allied with a large number of micronations but only two independently recognized nations.

Recognized by: Liechtenstein, Haiti, Kaznia, the UNAM, and many more.

Gemnoviag is also closely watched by nations... The United States closely watches the doings of Gemnoviag over the internet.

Gemnoviag is now completely repelling any contact what-so-ever with Mira-Derby after they accused Gemnoviag of crimes and broke off communications. So since they broke the treaty, Gemnoviag refuses to return contact for fear of "crimes against the country" so put by the foreign minister of Mira. It should be noted that this nation has since collapsed (in spring 2008) and the current Territory of Mira - Derby, which is now governed by a temporary governmental commission, is not connected to the former nation's government in any way.


During the winter of 2002 at the beginning of the Communist party in Gemnoviag, a civil war broke out after 2 nations tried to form from Gemnoviag, Razahia, and Ozark. Razahia put up a brilliant fight and Ozark found a diplomatic resolution with us the war ended at the end of the Communist reign in 2006. Razahia has become a thing of the past and Ozark Dissolved back to Gemnoviag in January 2007.


Gemnoviag's border patrol is known for it's Soviet Style visual style. The patrol watches the fenced portion of Azythia and is composed of 5 people, 4 armed, and a 5th who carries the national flag.


Gemnoviags has had flags in this order. Monarchy= Red and Blue halfs and a yellow crown in the middle Communist= Solid red with 1 medium-size star on the upper left hand corner Republic= Upside down Bulgarian flag Red on the top green in middle and white on the bottom.

Problems of 2008

A new year has brought new problems for the Gemeleze Republic. Reconstruction on the Gemnoviag website is taking longer than expected, the streets are in need of new pavement, and the parks are now undergoing expansion. 2009 is the deadline set by the government to fully update the Gemeleze infrastructure. New developement in the Azythia commercial portion recently started and the census for 2008 must be taken.

Gemnoviag Website

New Gemnoviag Website down Gemnoviag Immigration Office down Old Gemeleze Website Gemnoviag on Directory

Contact the Country

[New Address] [Foreign Affairs Address] [the Immigration Office] [Relations Mainly for the Citizens in Gemnoviag's Claimed Area]