Prince Set

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HRH Prince Set
His Royal Highness

His Royal Highnes Prince Set, Duke of Löfgren

Painting of His royal highness
Duke of Löfgren (Incumbent)
Reign March 1st 2017 - Present
Predecessor HRH Prince Tutankhamun
Earl of Bergqvist (Incumbent)
Reign March 1st, 2017 - Present
Predecessor HRH Prince Tutankhamun
King of Bergström
Reign January 25th 2017- October 23, 2017
Coronation Jaunary 25th 2017
predecessor HM King Osiris II of Bergström
Successor Monarchy Abolished
Spouse HRH Princess Nephthys
Full name
Set Alexander Philip George
House Sutekh (March 1st 2017- September 8th 2017)

Venäläinen (September 8th 2017- Present)

Father HRH Prince Tutankhamun
Mother HRH Princess Ankhesenamun
Occupation Student at the Navy Collage of Britannia
Religion Catholic

Ancient Egyptian Mythology

Monuments The Prince's Statue