Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Aspenia

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Prime Minister of the
Kingdom of Aspenia
TRH Cameron Koehler

since 23 December 2018
Term lengthMonarch's decision
Inaugural holderTRH Cameron Koehler
Formation23 December 2018

The Prime Minister of Aspenia is the head of government of the Kingdom of Aspenia. The Prime Minister is elected by the subjects of Aspenia in a General Election. Representatives wishing to stand for election must first be made Candidates by the Monarch.

The founding Prime Minister of Austenasia was TRH Cameron Koehler.

List of Prime Ministers

# Portrait Name
Honorifics and City or Town
Term of office

Electoral mandates
Other offices held Party Deputy Monarch
1 CameronI-OfficialPortrait-May2019.png The Right Honorable
Cameron Koehler
King of Ikonia
23 December
King of Aspenia Monarchist Party (from 2018) Government members below Prime Minister HM Eryn Lewis
Original King of Aspenia before abdicating the throne to Eryn Lewis was selected as Prime Minister at 10:28 PM in a discord message.[1]


  1. Lewis, Eryn. "Eryn Lewis declaring Cameron PM." Massachusetts, 23 December 2018. Retrieved on 23 December 2018.