Prime Minister of Tropicana

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Prime Minister of Tropicana
Office of the Prime Minister
StyleMr/Madam Prime Minister
TypeHead of Government
Member ofCabinet of Tropicana
Chamber of Deputies
Reports toPresident of Tropicana
AppointerPresident of Tropicana
Term lengthNo Fixed Term Length
Formation13 May 2022
DeputyDeputy Prime Minister of Tropicana

The Prime Minister of Tropicana is the head of government in the Democratic Republic of Tropicana.


The role of Prime Minister was established on 13 May 2022, by President Lucas de Tropicana.


The role of Prime Minister includes:

  • Nominating Cabinet Ministers
  • Working with the President and Government to Pass Acts
  • Chairing Meetings of the Chamber of Deputies
  • Attending Cabinet Meetings

Styles of Address

There is no official styles for the Prime Minister, however officeholders are typically addressed as "Mr Prime Minister" or "Madam Prime Minister".


The Prime Minister, under the currently Tropicanan political system, is both appointed and can be dismissed by the President of Tropicana.

Typically the Prime Minister is the Deputy Leader or Chairman of the Workers' Party of Tropicana, however the President may appoint who they please.

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