President of the United Republics of Michigan

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President of the
United Republics of Michigan
Seal of president (3).png
Seal of the President
Evan Callies

since 6 Jan 2020
StyleMr. President
StatusHead of State
Member ofCabinet
ResidenceNone official
AppointerDirect Popular Vote and Electoral College
Term lengthSix years, renewable once
Inaugural holderEvan Callies
FormationJan 6 2020
SuccessionVise President
(becomes acting president)

The President of the United Republics of Michigan, also known simply as the President of United Republics, is the head of state of the United Republics of Michigan and the commander-in-chief of the United Republics Military

The President is elected to serve for a six year term by an Electoral College and Direct Popular Vote. A President can serve for a total of two terms. The President's powers are enumerated by Article 6 part 4 of the Constitution, and include powers such as the authority to Acts of Congress and to issue Executive order . The President belongs to the executive branch of government, and has certain rights and authorities within It. There is no official residence for the President; however, it is common practice for the president's residence to be referred to as "Government House" for the duration of the President's time in office.

List of Presidents

Name Took office Elections Party
1 Evan J Callies.jpg Evan Callies Jan 6 2020 2020 Democratic-Republican Flag.pngDemocratic Republican Party