President of Bountiful

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Bountiful Standard.PNG President of the Republic of Bountiful Bountiful Standard.PNG

The Right Honorable
Joseph Patterson

Formation 21 February 2013 (Official)

Term length

Appointed by Bountiful General Council

Inaugural holder Joseph Patterson

The President of the Republic of Bountiful is the head of government of the Republic of Bountiful. According to the Bountiful Order of Organization and Precedence, the position of President is ceremonially and truly the most important state office.

Official title

The full title of the President is His Excellency, Joseph Patterson, First President of the Republic of Bountiful. Commonly simply President is used for its simplicity and ease.


The Role of the President is to act as the Central Executive Authority, with all information going in and out of the nation approved by his office before it is admitted. The President has the power to place three people on the General Council, the rest having to be elected. He can speak during Council meetings, but may not vote. Officially, the President cannot belong to any political party, nor can he have ever been convicted for crimes, of any type. The President also is the Commander-in-Cheif of the Republic, having the power to transport troops, but not that to declare war.

Eventual laws and decrees following the Branson Act have set forth the functioning of the executive branch:

  • The President is responsible for all government policies. Any formal policy guidelines issued by the President are legally binding directives that General Councilmen must implement.
  • Each minister is given the freedom to supervise departmental operations and prepare legislative proposals without cabinet interference so long as the minister's policies are consistent with the President's broader guidelines.


Every Election Year, the population elects the General Council. The General Council then nominates the President. This system of indirect democracy makes sure that only the best person is elected to such a position.