Phoklandian Anti Discrimination Act of 2019

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Phoklandian Anti Discrimination Act: 2019
The "official" hard copy of the act held by Tsar Charles I
The "official" hard copy of the act held by Tsar Charles I
Proposed 07 February 2019
Imperial Consent given on 07 February 2019
Imperial Consent given at Phoklandian Emergency Senate Chamber, Tsardom of Phokland
Imperial Consent given by HIM Charles I
Purpose Prohibit discrimination by civil/governmental organizations

The Phoklandian Anti Discrimination Act of 2019 (officially the Phoklandian Anti Discrimination Act: 2019 and sometimes referred to as PADA) is a piece of Phoklandian legislature that bans discrimination within the Tsardom of Phokland. The act was signed into law on 7 February 2019 by Charles I of Phokland.


Through the progression of society, it becomes necessary for a nation to create legislature protecting the rights and freedoms of it’s citizens in regards to their sexual orientation and gender identity. It is therefore the job of the Phoklandian Government to protect her subjects’ freedoms and civil liberties that they so bravely fought to attain. It is the solemn hope of this act that this will be accomplished.

Article #1

As of the signing date of this article (and continuing evermore) it is henceforth considered illegal for any individual within the borders of Phokland to engage in any form of discrimination against anyone based on the following factors

  • Race
  • Ethnicity
  • National Origin
  • Place of Birth
  • Social Status
  • Aristocratic Position
  • Political Beliefs
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Gender (Sex) Identity
  • Sexual Fetishes (so long as such acts are done legally and are of good moral/ethical standing as decided by a Phoklandian Court)
  • Age

Examples of discrimination (Based on the above reasons) that fall under this act include:

  • Denial of employment
  • Denial of Titles of Aristocratic Value
  • Lack of acceptance into Government Positions
  • Denial of Social Services
  • Denial of Military Service (so long as individual is older than twelve years and six months of age)
  • Offensive language/gestures/remarks (in public/governmental areas)
  • Denial of a fair trial
  • Denial of social benefits
  • Denial of citizenship (unless such action goes against Article #2)
  • Denial of gained respect/lack of recognition towards received honors/titles
  • Abuse by law enforcement/harassment by civil and/or government organizations

Breach of these rules are punishable by whatever means are deemed appropriate by an appointed Phoklandian Court.

Article #2

Denial of citizenship into Phokland based on place of birth/national origin may be accepted as legal if the individual is applying from a state that is currently engaged in open conflict with Phokland or a location/state that is deemed a high risk area by the Phoklandian Government (for a legitimate cause and issued before application).