People’s Minister of Econia

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People's Minister of Econia
Lesser Coat of Arms of the Imperial State of Econia
Lesser Coat of Arms
Henry Larsson

since 7 November 2023
StyleHis Excellency
AppointerImperial Sovereign
Term lengthAt His Imperial Majesty's Pleasure
Inaugural holderHenry Larsson
DeputyMinister of Foreign Affairs

The People's Minister of Econia is the head of government of the Imperial State of Econia. The People's Minister leads the governments work and governs the nation, officially on the Sovereigns behalf. They are appointed by the Imperial Sovereign and can be dissmissed by them whenever they please. The People's Minister can also be deposed by a motion of no confidence within the Riksting, therefore it is considered important for Governments to hold a majority within it. As head of government they hold a fair ammount of executive and legislative powers, for example appointing and dissmissing ministers as well as deciding the governments overall agenda.


The People's Minister holds, as mentioned before, a large ammount of executive and legislative powers. The main one being leading His Imperial Majesty's Government by choosing which ministers to serve on it and decide its agenda. Bills proposed by the People’s Minister are referred to as being proposed by the Imperial Majesty, as the People’s Minister formally is Chief Advisor to the Sovereign and has their powers delegated to them by the Sovereign. This because of their capacity as one of the Great Officers of State and a Councilor of State, being the councilor responsible for advising the Sovereign on matters of overall governance and foreign policy. The People's Minister is also the only "elected" Councilor of State.

The People's Minister is granted their own mostly titular department: The Department of State. This department has no defined areas of responsibility but in their capacity as the head of this department the People's Minister can overrule decisions made by all other departments. They can also issue People's Pardons with the approval of the Riksting. These pardons are generally seen in a more positive light then the Sovereigns Pardon.


No. People´s Minister Term of office Political Party Imperial Sovereign
Portrait Name Took office Left office Time in office
1 Henry Larsson 7 November 2023 Incumbent 221 days Liberal Party Octavian I