Octavian I

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Octavian I
Imperial Sovereign
The Imperial Coat of Arms of Econia
Imperial Sovereign of Econia
Reign30 October 2023 - present
Enthronement14 January 2024
PredecessorMonarchy established
Heir apparentSandra
Born10 June 2008
Gävle, Sweden w:Sweden
HouseHouse of Marklandia
FatherPrince Markus, Duke of Wasa
MotherPrincess Johanna, Duchess of Wasa

Octavian I, Imperial Sovereign of the Imperial State of Econia, has reigned as Econias monarch since 30 October 2023 when the nation declared independence.

Early life

Octavian was born Otto Markus Lundgren on 10 June 2008. He was the first born son of Markus Lundgren and his wife Johanna Lundgren.

Imperial Sovereign

Personal life

Full style

Octavian I:s full official title and style, according to law and Imperial Decree, is:

His Imperial Majesty Octavian I, Imperial Sovereign of the Imperial State of Econia, Prince of Bäckahällen, Lord of the Seas and Grand Master of the Most Noble, Most Excellent, Imperial Orders of Chivalry, Virtue and Merit, Father of His Nation, Commander-in-Chief and Chairman of the Defence Council, President of the Council of State and Supervising Chairman of His Council for Econian Culture, Bringer of Justice and Defender of the Principalities



Military commands

As Imperial Sovereign Octavian I serves as Commander-in-Chief of nations Armed Forces and is therefore the only holder of the highest ranks within each of it's branches:

  • Field Marshal 1st Class of the Imperial Army
  • Lord of the Seas and Grand Admiral of the Imperial Naval Forces
  • Senior Air Marshal of the Imperial Airforce