People's Republic of Italy

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People's Republic of Italy
Coat of arms
Motto: Il bel paese ch’Appennin parte, E’l mar circonda et l’Alpe.
Anthem: Bella Ciao

CapitalRoma (de iure) New World (de facto)
Official languagesItalian
Demonym(s)Italians (italiani)
GovernmentSocialist Republic
• Central Committee's President
Lorenzo Valente
LegislatureState Council
Establishment25 July 2019
CurrencyEuro (de facto)

The People's Republic of Italy (PRI), also known as Democratic Italy is an enclave nation, surrounded by the Italian Republic. The government of the PRI operates under a Communistic Republic.

Politics and Government

Legislative Party

The Legislative Body of the Republic is the State Council.

Political Parties

The only political party of the People's Republic of Italy is the Italian Communist Party, which occupies all the seats of the State Council.

Party Logo Party Leaders Ideology Representatives
Italian Communist Party (PCI) Lorenzo Valente Communism
5 / 5


National Anthem

The national anthem is Bella Ciao in memory of the partisan resistance in Italy during fascism. The National March is Fischia il vento.