People's Republic of Falknov

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People's Republic of Falknov
Lidová Republika Falknov Czech
  • Volksrepublik Falkenau German
Motto: Do houfu v srdce spojme svoji víru (Czech)
Let's put our faith together in a crowd of hearts
Anthem: Hope of tomorrow
and largest city
Official languagesCzech
Ethnic groups
Czechs (100%)
Demonym(s)Falkovian, Falknovian (official)
GovernmentThe dictatorship of the proletariat, Socialist republic
Peter Simon Malček
Martin Brožek
• declared independence
23 September 2020
• Established
• Total
0.0 km2 (0 sq mi)
• Water (%)
CurrencyCzech koruna (CZK)
Time zoneUTC+1:00:00 (PRFT)
Date formatdd. mm. yyyy
Driving sideright
Internet TLD.prf (reserved, not used)

The People's Republic of Falknov (Czech: Lidová Republika Falknov), colloquially known as Falknov, is a small self-declared country, commonly known as a micronation, in Central Europe. The People's Republic of Falknov declared independence from the Czech Republic on 23 September 2020, which was initiated by revolutionary leader Peter Simon Malček. Within the republic, declaration of independence is acknowledged as full-fledged revolution although no greater actions were taken. According to Resolution of Central committee, the People's Republic of Falknov is a socialist state led by the dictatorship of the proletariat. The head of state is General secretary of People's Republic of Falknov, the second-highest position is Chairman of Council of people's Commissars. The highest and the only legislature is the Parliament of People's Republic of Falknov and executive power is held between General Secretary and Council of people's Commissars.

The People's Republic of Falknov is a landlocked state, claiming a town of Sokolov and other administrative units in the vicinity. It borders the Czech Republic. The People's Republic of Falknov has 14 administrative units including the capital city. Most of the population is accustomed to Czech nationality.

View of the capital



Prior to its independence, the territory of the People's Republic of Falknov was a part of the Lands of the Bohemian Crown, Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic. In autumn of 2020, great comrade Peter Simon Malček have led successful revolution and liberated Falkov from corrupted hands. This revolution was waged on the impulse of reaction to retentive instability in the region of Falknov and poor quality of life.


On 23 September 2020 an official Declaration of independence of People's Republic of Falknov - the document was written and the revolution was in full force. Demands stated in the document were not taken into account by Homeland of Sokolov/Falknov region and thus Central Committee and General secretary began to act as quickly as possible to achieve some resolution. First Council of people's Commissars was formed and reforms were the order of the day. Mostly there were only bureaucratic reforms regarding that Falknov is a very poor state and thus many real reforms can not be realised now.

Goverment and politics

The People's Republic of Falknov is a socialist state led by the dictatorship of the proletariat, with the General secretary of People's Republic of Falknov and Chairman of Council of people's Commissars as heads of the state.

Political parties

Political parties are banned from the decision of the first sitting of parliament except for Communist party of Falkov, which is the only one eligible to form a government.

Party Logo Party Leader Spectrum Idieolgies Members Parliament
Komunistická strana Falknova
(Communist party of Falkov)
KSF (CPF) Peter Simon Malček Left-wing Communism 20
20 / 20

General secretary and Chairman

The General secretary and Chairman are formal heads of state with powers not yet determined. Both are elected in the case of General secretary they are elected fot lifetime or party can revoke their mandate and Chairman is elected every two months directly by the citizens. Every citizen can be elected only for one term a year for both positions. Current General secretary is Peter Simon Malček and current Chairman is Martin Brožek.

Legislative and executive power

The Parliament holds legislative power and thus members of parliament propose and pass new laws signed by General secretary. Executive power is shared between General secretary and Council of people's Commissars. According to resolution Council of people's Commissars is formed only by Communist party of Falknov, exactly by winning candidates and party chairman.

Laws and justice

The People's Republic of Falknov is an unitary state with a civil law system based on the Czechoslovak socialist republic law system. The basis of the legal system is the Resolution of Central committee adopted in september 2020. If something is not specified by laws of People's Republic of Falknov, Czech law applies. The People's Republic of Falknov does not have courts, however when needed, they're supplanted by the government.


The military of the People's Republic of Falknov consists of APRF. The APRF are unprofessional and barely equipped militia created for case of attack on the People's Republic of Falknov. As soldiers of the APRF are enlisted all citizens of the People's Republic of Falknov, meaning that currently it can mobilize X soldiers. The APRF is disbanded for most of time, and is mobilized only on government resolution. The General secretary is the Commander-in-chief.


The Culture of the People's Republic of Falknov is similar to culture of the Czech Republic, from which was declared independence.


The People's Republic of Falknov doesn't have any remarkable artists, however it's citizens patricipate to regional literature or arts competitions. There are also plans to create a few amateur movies.


The cuisine of the People's Republic of Falknov is mostly similar to the Czech one. Apart of traditional Czech dishes, foreign ones are also popular, including for instance pizza.

Public Holidays

Most of the state holidays of the People's Republic of Falknov were taken from the Czech Republic.

There are also important days celebrated in the Gymnasium State, but their current list is only provisional and created from selected important days of the Czech Republic.

List of public holidays

Date Holiday Remark
1. January New Year's Day Beginning of new year.
March/April Good Friday
March/April Easter Monday
1. May Labour Day
9. May Victory Day End of Second World War in Europe in 1945.
5. July Saints Cyril and Methodius Day Church teachers St. Cyril (Constantine) and

Metoděj (Methodius) came from the Balkans to Great Moravia to propagate Christian faith and literacy in 863.

6. July Jan Hus Day The religious reformer Jan Hus was burned at the stake in 1415.
23. September Independence Day Foundation of the People's Republic of Falknov
28. September St. Wenceslas Day St. Wenceslas, Duke of Bohemia was murdered by his brother in 929 or 935.
7. November October Revolution Day Commemorating the winning revolution of Bolshevik party and establishing new government in 1917.
17. November Struggle for Freedom and Democracy Day Commemorating the student demonstration against Nazi occupation in 1939.
24. December Christmas Eve Celebration of Christmas.
25. December Christmas Day
26. December Second Christmas Day

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