People's Party of Caudonia

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People's Party of Caudonia
PresidentAndrew Szemere
Founded1 March 2021
17 April 2021 rebranded
25 June 2021 as the People's Party
Dissolved8 August 2021
NewspaperCaudonian Vanguard
Membership (2021)5
Social Conservatism
Right-wing Populism
Caudonian Nationalism
Political positionRight-wing
ColoursMaroon, Blue.
House of Assembly
1 / 13
Cabinet of Ministers
1 / 7

The People's Party of Caudonia (Slovak: Ľudová strana Kaudónska; Scots: Fowk's Pairtie o Caudonie) was a conservative, right-wing political party. It was part of the 7th Parliament coalition government of Caudonia, along with the Caudonian Patriotic Front (CPF), and the Liberal Party. The PPC came from the now-defunct National Party, and was formally introduced on the 1st of March, 2021 as the Social Nationalist Party (SNP). Its leader was Andrew Szemere, former Prime Minister of Caudonia.

On April 17, after a devastating vote, the then SNP merged with the CPF to create the National Front. A month later on May 29, after a by-election which saw the National Front lose spectacularly, the SNP was re-introduced by Andrew Szemere.

On June 25, after much deliberation, following the banning of the National Front, the then Social Nationalist Party held a convention and party-wide vote; where the SNP became the People's Party.

Following the Vote of No Confidence in the Forward for Caudonia governing coalition, party founder and leader Andrew Szemere left Caudonia, inadvertently dissolving the People's Party along with it.


The People's Party of Caudonia was indirectly based on the People's Party of Canada. The PPC is a nationalist, conservative, and right-wing populist political party.

Electoral results

During the month of January, through to April, the PPC's color was dark blue. The PPC showed up as the National Party in the January election, but quickly changed to the Social Nationalist Party (SNP).

After the April vote, the SNP was merged into the National Front. After a by-election the SNP was re-introduced, and with a new color.

In June, the SNP was officially reorganized as the People's Party (PPC), and showed up on ballots as that.

Election year # of votes % seats won +/- Government
January 2021 9 22.5%
3 / 15
3 in government
April 2021 3 8.3%
1 / 13
2 in opposition
June 2021 4 10.8%
1 / 13
Steady in government