People's Imperial State of Eden

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The People's Imperial State of Eden was a micronation located in the United States, and was ruled by Harold Duighan. It claimed to be a secessionist micronation that wished to gain international recognition by members of the U.N.

People's Imperial State of Eden (12 August - 27 August)
Confederacy of Eden (27 August - 30 August)


Coat of Arms
Coat of arms
Motto: For Freedom, We Shall Fight!
Anthem: Hail Eden!
and largest city
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy under a Fascist Dictatorship (12 August - 27 August)
Confederated Republic under a Fascist Dictatorship (27 August - 30 August)
• Vice-Prince
Chris I (12 August - 27 August)
• Holy Emperor
Harold Duighan
Establishment12 August 2020 (as People's Imperial State of Eden) 27 August 2020 (as Confederacy of Eden)
• Census
11 (at peak)
CurrencyEdenian Moss
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Holy State of Edenia
Confederate Duchy of Eden



The People's Imperial State of Eden was founded after the Monarchist Uprising occurred, which led to the collapse of the Holy State of Edenia. The coup ended after Harold Duighan, the nation's leader, bribed several members of the Monarchist side to defect to his side by allowing them to have government positions, with the one condition being that Harold stays in his position as leader, and he serves as the monarch. This effectively secured a victory for him, and the Monarchist Uprising was crushed.

Continuation of the Fascist Regime

The Fascist government was secured after this victory. Government repression only got worse under the regime, as the Fascists exiled several members of the original Monarchist uprising, and the members who defected to the Fascist forces were given high government positions. However, the nation also became much more unstable and stagnant at this point, as they could not form a coherent government.

End of One-Party Rule and Collapse

By 26 August 2020, Harold Duighan announced to the people that the Christian State Party would be ending one-party rule, and that the monarchy would be abolished. This move became official on 27 August 2020, one day later, when the People's Imperial State of Eden was dissolved, and the Confederacy of Eden was established. This enraged many of the government officials who served after the Monarchist Uprising, and they all protested.

The Vice-Prince of the nation stated that the new move was "bullshit", and he stated "fuck this shit", and resigned. Harold was shocked. Another member of government described Harold's actions as "Heresy". This caused a mass exodus from the country, which destabilized it immensely, and only worsened the situation.

Eventually, on 30 August 2020, Harold announced the completed disillusionment of the country, and declared that it would be unified with the Federation of New Scythia, which was caused after one of the few remaining members of government in the nation after the exodus suggested that unification with another nation would be a solution to the nation's problems. The nation became the Confederate Duchy of Eden, a duchy of New Scythia, which lasted until 26 September 2020.