National People's Party (Azikistan)

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National People's Party
Kurdar Motta
LeaderJonathan Ownsly
PresidentShady Morsi
SpokespersonTimo Vink
Yusuf Said
Karim Salama
HeadquartersSquare of Indenpendence, Tuwangalu
NewspaperPidorwah Kuyet (National Awaking)
Youth wingAll-Azik Patriotic Movement
Membership  (2015)2015
Ideology • Jingoism
 • Aziki Nationalism
 • Neoconservatism
 • National Socialism (some factions)
 • Totalitarianism
 • Corporatism
 • Anti Imperialism
Islamic Nationalism  •
 • Anti-Chinese sentiment
 • National Awakining  • Anti-Zionism
Official coloursBlue
National Congress
10 / 10
Party flag

The National People's Party is the founding and ruling political party of the Republic of Azikistan. The NPP is the sole governing party of the Republic of Azikistan, It was founded in 2013 by Shady Morsi and Jermah Azwat who opposed the Democratic monarchist government

The PNR is organized according to the Nationalist Ideological System and the state, a system and theory conceived by The President. The highest body of the NP is formally the National Congress with also serve as the legisture of the country; Shady Morsi is the current PNR leader, serving as Prime Minister

The party emerged from the Azik nationalist, racist and populist Azikigan culture, which fought against the communist and monarchist uprisings in post-divided Azikistan. The party was also created as a means to draw workers away from communism and into völkisch focused on anti-big business, anti-bourgeois, and anti-capitalist rhetoric, The PNC is committed to Nationalism, the party charter was amended to state that Azik Nationalism was "the only guiding idea of the party". and "to building a social society",. Party ideology has recently focused on perceived imperialist enemies of the party and state,


The party's ideology was built upon the philosophical foundation of Azik's narodnik–Populist movement of the 2013 in Anbar and its worldview developed primarily by Samuel Bejamin bakker and Shady Morsi. It was founded as the National Army of National Reconciliation of thought about social change in Azikistan The intention was to widen the concept of the 'people' so that it encompassed all elements in the society that were opposed to the Royal regime. As on 2015 the PNR is renamed into the National People's Party

Immediately after the Civil War, the new,PNR become the sole legitimate party of the republic


  • Harsh punishment of violence
  • Recording ethnicity for all Aziki citizens.
  • Prohibition of Islamic and kosher slaughter
  • Active repatriation of criminals of foreign citizenship and Bahali nationals
  • Deportation of criminals having foreign nationality or multiple citizenship back to their country of origin,
  • Restrictions on immigrant labour
  • Removal of resources from anti-climate change programs, development aid and immigration services
  • Abolition of the Ugurian Dollar
  • Shutting down of all non-aziki schools
  • Governmental communication to be exclusively in Azik
  • Aziki language proficiency and a 5-year Azik residency and work experience requirement for welfare assistance
  • Constitutional protection of the dominance of the Azik culture
  • Choosing to defend the essential elements of Azik culture:
  • No more tax money to "(political) left" organizations.
  • Keeping track of the ethnicity of people who have committed crimes.
  • Select policemen on "decisiveness."
  • Oppose new legislation for abortion.
  • Cut government spending for family planning clinics.
  • Limit the influence of Western publications.
  • Nationalization of natural resources
  • Expulsion of all illegal immigrants who have entered Azikistan.