Parliament of Rukora

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The Parliament of Rukora was the legislature of Rukora. It wass a Bicameral Parliament, consisting of the Resir de Adesis and the Resir de Þeguliris (English: House of Acts/Actions and the House of Checks/Regulation).


Each of the two houses can contain a maximum of 10 MP's. The elections for both houses happen at the same time as each other. The Adesis elections are based on regional PR election similar to that of the last election and the Þeguliris uses one, national, PR system to elect it's MP's. Each house will have Party lists, of which are used to determine which MP's will sit in Parliament.


Whilst it was the legislature of Rukora, many prominent figures features in the parliament. Members of the Resir de Adesis included Joe Foxon and Nicholas Woode-Smith whilst members of the Resir de Þeguliris included Tom Turner, founder of the nation. Unassigned members around the time included James Awaye Jones and Humza Mirza, both former Vice-Presidents of Rukora.