Pan Pacific Micronational Co-operations

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Pan Pacific Micronational Co-operations
Official logo
Fluctuat Nec Mergitur
Headquarters Oeno Island

Official language English

Membership 1 delegate(s)

Establishment September 25, 2014

Chairman Jacob Boncoeur
Website PPMCO Website

PPMCO, officially known as Pan Pacific Micronational Co-operations, is an organisation for micronations with land located in the Pacific Ocean. Founded on September 25, 2014, PPMCO aims to promote peace and diplomacy between micronations in the Pacific Ocean and to help new micronations in the area develop.


PPMCO was started by Jacob Boncoeur.

PPMCO’s purpose is to encourage intergovernmental co-operation among micronations of the Pacific Ocean, by providing a venue for socialisation between citizens and for transparent, public negotiation. It generally does not undertake organisational initiatives, and has no formal parliamentary structure. Rather, it merely attempts to provides channels of communications between states.

Member nations

Below is a full list of member nations and their date of acceptance. Members are granted full access to discussions within the organisation, with each nominating a representative for participation. Each member is allowed to nominate one dignitary to represent their nation on the PPMCO General Assembly, usually the nation's head of state.

Flag Nation Joined Notes Delegate
Kingdom of the Ice People September 25, 2014 Initial member. Jacob Boncoeur