Palazzo Luigio

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Luigio Palace
Italian: Palazzo Luigio
Palace, Feudal Capital
Location: Eastern hill,
Built: 1759 ca
Seat: House Zannier, Feudal lord
Lord: Titianus II
Castellan warden: Giovanni Zannier
Feudal seat of: Feud of Vignetia
Status: in use

Palazzo Luigio, in English Luigio Palace, is a palace in Vignetia, the capital of the Decracy of Vilthia. It is the feudal seat of House Zannier.


The palace was built by the family between 1755 and 1759 on the remains of an older, abandoned residence the Zanniers used after leaving the Pinzon's Castle.
It is now the official feudal seat of House Zannier, and it's inhabited by the branch of the family headed by Aldo Zannier.