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Osmose was the Duke of Yardistan and Minister of Information until his emigration in November 2005. Other past titles include Minister of Trade and Baron of Amity and Mirioth. He also prefers the nickname Moose.



Moose came into the micronational world in the autumn of 2004. Having already met and become friends with Harvey Steffke from the RPG Maker website, Charas-Project, he followed a link to Shireroth from his LiveJournal to the Shireroth webpage and became interested in the nation. Despite Harvey's many requests to avoid the hobby at all costs, Moose immigrated and became a citizen under Greg Russell, in the Barony of Amity and Mirioth. For the first week or so he did little beyond RPing the barony, and then disappeared for two weeks due to internet troubles associated with moving. During this time issues came up about a supposed conspiracy to upgrade BAM to a Duchy and degrade Yardistan into a barony, and upon his return Moose found his friend Harvey kicked out of Yardistan and on trial. Although the trial simply led to a title change and a temporary post restriction, the affair still contributed to Moose's concern for Harvey's fading enthusiasm for micronations, as he heartily accepted the ruling and was happy to be given an excuse not to participate.

Thirst for Power

Moose then turned his attentions to becoming a noble. He spent 3+ months attempting to recruit a second citizen to form a brand new Barony in Yardistan, but ultimately failed in the efforts. During this time he also took over the office of Minister of Trade from its previous occupant, Ozarka Monto. Things finally turned in Moose's favour, however, when the Duke of Yardistan, Nick the Yardistani, abdicated to Straylight and named Greg Russel the new Duke. Because of this, the Barony of Amity and Mirioth was dissolved. Moose decided that he would revive the Barony if he could find a second citizen. A few months later, a new citizen came into Yardistan, Cesare Augusto, and agreed to be the Count of Florencia in the newly reformed Barony of Amity and Mirioth. The reign of Baron Moose, however, was cut short when he was named the Duke of Yardistan as Greg Russel became Kaiser Alejian I and had to resign as Duke.

Achieving Greatness

Behind the scenes, Moose negotiated a deal with the then-Minister of Information, Scott Alexander, where they would trade ministries so they would both be in spots where they were better-suited. Moose had been making web pages since age 10, and Scott was the creator of the gift economy, which had worked far better than any other economic system that Shireroth had implemented, excluding those of the legendary dStryker. Moose was given administration powers accidentally when he became Minister of Information, but it was decided that he would be allowed to keep them as long as he didn't overuse them and had vowed to never look in forums that he was not supposed to look in.

The Aftermath

Since then he has preceded over the rebellion against the Avatar from Hell, an unfinished attack on Yardistan by Brookshire, and a slew of other events. Among his achievements as Minister of Information are his introduction of webpage wizards for the ministry web pages and the ShireWiki.

Real Life

Moose currently studies computer science at Florida Tech. His LJ is at [1].