Orders of chivalry for women

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Orders of chivalry for women, orders of knighthood for women or ladies orders are orders of chivalry reserved solely for women. These knighthoods for women have been much less numerous than traditional knighthood reserved for men.

Though many nations, allow both men and women to be invested with the same orders of knighthood. Several of the nations established orders for the exclusive membership of women. Tradition frequently called upon the reigning queen or empress, queen or empress consort to serve as the Grand Mistress of their respective all-female, royal or imperial orders. In other cases, the king or emperor is the sole male member of the order, acting in his role as the sovereign or master of all orders established and conferred within his nation.

Royal family orders, which are conferred by the head of a royal family to their female relations is considered as a personal memento than a state decoration and hence has not been included in the list.

List of Ladies' orders

The following list of orders that were established for the sole or primary membership of women: