Order of the Mariposa

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Order of the Mariposa
Order of the Mariposa Arms.png
Awarded by the
Reina of Cordova
TypeChivalric order with one rank
Awarded forAchievement in conservation
StatusNot currently awarded
SovereignReina Celestina
First induction3 September 2004
Last induction2005
Total inductees10
Next (higher)Order of the Grizzly
Next (lower)None

The Order of the Mariposa is an order of chivalry in the nation of the Reino de Cordova, a part of the Empire of Agber. It was created on 27 August 2004. It is one of the few orders of chivalry in the Empire that neither former Empress Arlene or the current Emperor, Devon, are not a member of.

The order has only one class; Dame/Knight. Members of the order may wear the medal of the order, worn from an orange drape ribbon.

The order was conceived as a way to recognize excellence in conservation work by then Baron Gilbert. Ten pieces of regalia were acquired. Since this initial run was exhausted, no further awards of the order have been bestowed, despite it still being considered active. Although Reina Celestina could technically be considered a member of the order, as the Sovereign, she does not claim membership in the Order of the Mariposa.

List of Dames and Knights

Medal of the Order of the Mariposa

This list is current, as of 25 November 2020.

Name Year App. Reason for appointment Notes
Duke Gilbert of Liguria 2004 Founder and Sovereign of the Order Awarded while 1st Baron of Cordova
Nicolette, 2nd Baronesa of Cordova 2004 Conservation work Awarded while Governor of Stanislaus
Peter, 3rd Baron of Cordova 2004 Conservation work Awarded while Governor of Dorado
Don Henry, 2nd Governor of Florin 2004 Conservation work
Don Trevor, 2nd Governor of Stanislaus 2004 Conservation work
Raul Valenzuela 2005 Conservation work
Justin Hines 2005 Conservation work
Prudence Dillinger 2005 Conservation work