Orca Republic

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Orca Republic

Orca Republic Flag.jpeg
National flag

"Esto Perpetua" (Latin for "Let it be perpetual")
Orca landclaim.PNG
Orcan claims outlined in black
Capital cityCity of New Kelp
Official language(s)English, Orcan
Short nameOrca
DemonymOrca, Orcan
GovernmentDemocratic Republic
Established9 March 2019
Area claimed13.69 km² (10.59 mi²)
CurrencyOrcan dollar, New Patian dollar
National animalSea anemone, Sand dollar

The Orca Republic, also known as the Puget Coast, or simply Orca, is an autonomous region of New Paint and a city-state. It is located in the Puget Sound, near the city of Port Townsend.


The nation was founded on 9 March 2019.