Olovian invasion of Northern Pertiwi

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Olovian invasion of Northern Pertiwi
Part of History of McKeenism

      Zepranan territory       Olovian territory
(before the invasion)
Date25 November 2022 - 26 November 2022

Olovian victory

Northern Pertiwi annexed by Olov and Pertiwi


  • Olovian Communist Movement (until November 26, 2022)

Olov National Military


Zeprana (McKeenist government)

  • McKeenist Northern Pertiwi  Surrendered

Olovian Communist Movement
Commanders and leaders
Saleh A.H
Mikael Gabriel Rafael
Adnan Adi Pratama
Iban Rasya
Lt. Muhammad Farhan

Terry McKeen III
Henry Franklin
Johann Kummel
Carter Fields
Tizian Aruna
William Madgett
Karl Dietrich Surrendered

  • Cpl. Ucep  Surrendered

Fhauzan Amrizal (accused)
Units involved
Pertiwian militia Pro-McKeenist militias

Two militias
One infantry troop

Nine infantry troops

Three civilians

Six rebels
  • Zepranan commanders were not present in the following conflict but was heavily involved.

The Olovian invasion of Northern Pertiwi, commonly known as Operation Pertiwi, was a large-scaled coalition invasion by Pertiwi and Olov against the McKeenist Zeprana. With the help from the communist movement, which later betrayed the allied-division and became the factor of an insurgency.


According to the Olovian-central government, the invasion was caused due to Terry Arthur McKeen III, the first president of Zeprana, was leaking private information of Saleh A.H on the Almendrian Discord server.

Operation Pertiwi

The operation begun in November 26, 2022. at around 02:12 AM (UTC+7), when the Olov National Military (O.N.M) launched an offensive in the Pertiwian bridge, the troops later advanced to the northern side of Pertiwi island, which was supposedly a proposed Zepranan territory given to Terry Arthur McKeen III, the regional-territory were occupied to blockade the spread of the McKeenist ideology which was slowly rising. Olovian first lieutenant Muhammad Farhan, of the Olovian National Military, led the operation. Ondernaming governor Mikael Gabriel Rafael was also directly involved in the leading of the operation.

During the operation, at-least two militias and one infantry troop were deployed near the Pertiwi island at around 02:18 AM, with received help and support from the newly Olovian Communist Movement (OCM) which was established to govern the Olovian southern-Pertiwi region.

Zepranan former-president Terry Arthur McKeen III being racist towards the Olovian-president Saleh A.H after the invasion.

Before the invasion, the cabinets of the Olovian-central government already condemned the actions made by Zepranan president Terry Arthur McKeen III which was heavily considered "very disgraceful" and "offensive" by the cabinet. After the invasion, Zepranan president Terry Arthur McKeen III himself stated that Northern Pertiwi "wasn't important to Zeprana" itself, making the invasion as an actual Olovian-Pertiwian victory.


Tensions between Terry Arthur McKeen III and Saleh A.H

After an hour from the invasion, Zepranan president Terry Arthur McKeen III made several racist remarks on Saleh A.H, after he was joking about the invasion, leading Saleh A.H getting banned from the Zepranan Discord server (Zeprana@Discord).

On December 12, 2022. Olovian president Saleh A.H officially announced a referendum will begun on Northern Pertiwi, either restoring the McKeenist Northern Pertiwi or maintain Northern Pertiwi as an Olovian territory. The referendum resulted in pretty high vote to maintain Northern Pertiwi as an Olovian territory.

Communist insurgency

After the invasion, members of the Communist movement, allegedly by Fhauzan Amrizal, later started an attack which caused an insurgency in the nearby Pertiwi island area. Their aggressions were condemned by Olovian president Saleh A.H.

Later, over nine infantry troops were deployed to the area, led by Mikael Gabriel Rafael, the insurgency later ended with an Olovian strategic victory, and Fhauzan Amrizal was captured by Mikael's soldiers.

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