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"Olivex" (gr.:Ολιβέξ), is a state-owned micronational company located in the Republic of Saint Christopher. The company produces and exports olive oil.


After the declaration of Saint Christopher as a republic, the first Minister of Plenty decided to use the olive trees and fields (which are numerous in the country) to generate income. At first, the National Committee of Olive Oil Production (Εθνική Επιτροπή Παραγωγής Ελαιολάδου) was responsible for this project. A few months later, Olivex was created when President Triantafyllos signed the Law for Companies and Businesses (Περι των Εταιριων και των Επιχειρισεων), giving the rights for companies to be established, however only under state administration.


The company is managed the Ministry of Plenty, which is also responsible for said company and all its income.