Oasis Islands presidential election, 2014

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Hamlinian Presidential Election, 2013
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President before election

Casey Hamlin

Elected President


The 2014 Oasis Islands Presidential Election will be a federal election in the Republic of the Oasis Islands with the purpose to elect the President and Vice President of the Oasis Islands. The general election will take place on November 4, 2013, with primary elections to be decided by each individual party. The elections will also take place concurrently with the 2014 Senate elections. Incumbent President Casey Hamlin is eligible to run for a third term in office, but has yet to state his intentions.


People's Party

Candidates mentioned for the Oasis People's Party nomination include:

  • Casey Hamlin - Incumbent President of the Oasis Islands, Senator from Oasis
  • Daniel Stefanko - Secretary of Defense, Senator from Serenity Island

United Leftist Party

Candidates mentioned for the United Leftist Party nomination include:

  • Titus Smith - Vice President of the Oasis Islands, Senator from Costa Dorada
  • Laura Horsley - Secretary of Environmental Affairs, presidential candidate in 2013
  • Gregory Bradley - Director of Health and Public Safety, vice presidential candidate in 2013
  • Tina Dyman - Candidate for Senate from Oasis