Novian Republic

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Novian Republic
Coat of arms
Motto: démarche artistique (French: artistic approach)
Anthem: Chello Suite No. 3 - Prelude (performed by Mischa Maisky)

Map of Novapara
and largest city
Fort Fuca
Official languagesOfficial: English
Seconardy: Spanish, French
Demonym(s)Novaparan, Novaparisian, Novian
GovernmentMixed democracy
LegislatureRegional Representatives
EstablishmentJanuary 22nd, 2016
• (as of April 12th 2016) census
CurrencyNovacoin, United States Dollar
Time zonePacific Time
This nation is a project-state

The Novian Republic, or Novapara, is an autonomous territory of Zenrax and holds self-rule. It currently is made up our two regions, Baku in the American Pacific Northwest, and Huli in the Hawaiian Islands.

The nation is a democratic republic with an elected executive director and regional representative council. Direct democracy is a popular method of legislation as well.

Novapara is noted for its highly creative and technological based culture and society.


The first flag of Novapara

On January 22, 2016, the Republic of Novapara was founded. It was Novia's unofficial beta stage, to get itself established. After observing the microwiki community and developing its own goals, the government was reformed on the 7th of February, less than a month later, with the "Order of Susciter" which established the Principality of Novapara as a monarchy. It was an effort to streamline national development. This event is known as the Lune Reform.

The second flag of Novapara

Undirectly, Novapara was greatly influenced by Eodus, a British democratic micronation. With an advanced web portal, the government and citizens could interact online in a way that no other micronations had before, with a direct public referendum, elections, and banking all online on a single platform. Inspired, the Government of Novapara looked to build their own platform. By September of that year, much of the basic framework had been built. On February 22, 2017, a month after Founders Day (celebrating the 1st year anniversary of Novapara), however, C Hub was finally released. Since then Novian, the name of Novapara's web platform, has grown to include its own polling and bank systems, and much more.

Zenraxi Annexation

After the passing of Novapara's First Founders Day, Prince Xavier (the current Head of State at the time) felt strongly the nation should reform once more now that its own web platform established. This resulted in the New Moon Reform, and the reestablishment of a democratic-based government and the new name, the Novian Republic (unofficially called Novia). Shortly after, the newly reformed nation was annexed by Imperial Federation of Zenrax and became a new state on February 16, 2017. Despite being annexed, the nation still governed itself quite freely, including its own immigration policies.

In April & May 2017, Zenrax decided to withdraw from the Grand Unified Micronational, with approval from a majority of the states. Novapara wished to remain a part of the organization, however. After negotiations between the State and Imperial government, Novapara was granted autonomy and free-rule on May 13 and was accepted as a Provisional Member in GUM on the 22nd (later a full member on June, 7th). Some people have questioned the extent of Novia's sovereignty, and whether qualifies for membership in GUM, however, the resolution passed and was made official.

Government and politics

Currently the Novian Republic is governed under the blurry, de facto directorship or Mr. Xavier (original founder and former Prince). On print, the nation is supposed to be governed in a three-way system between the Director as the Executive (may pass acts and serves as Head of State), the Regional Representatives (RR) as a power check (they can veto recall acts from the Director or pass their own), and the public (the vote in public referendums which are held for big acts, amendments, or to resolve disputes between the Director and Representatives. However, due to the utter lack of population, neither the Representatives or public are in action and that leaves the Director as the lone ruler of the government until future changes.

The Republic practices a neutrality-based foreign relations policy and tries to retain a neutral stance on most controversial issues. It also stands strongly for human rights and passed the Equality Act which bans discrimination based on sex, race, nationality, sexual orientation, political views, age, or religion.

As of July 2017, Novapara does retain a seat in the Zenraxi Imperial Senate.

Geography and climate

Novian Salish Sea coast.

Novapara (area 0.4 sqr miles) is located on Whidbey Island in the Pacific Northwest. It is bordered by the American state, Washington and the Canadian providence, British Columbia by water. The nation's highest point is 216 feet above sea level.

The majority of Novapara is loosely suburbanized, ranging down hills towards the coast. Most of the land claimed in Baku is occupied by a non-resident population so natural resources are very limited.

Novapara has a warm-summer Mediterranean climate (Köppen climate classification: Csb). Located in the Olympic Rain Shadow, Novapara gets significantly less rain than much of the Pacific Northwest region, similar gloomier weather, though.


Novian Bank Logo

Novapara, like most micronations, has a poor economy. Due to the lack of infrastructure, workforce, resources, and recognizing trade partners creating a physical market is a difficult task. The latest efforts of the stimulate some growth, have been based online in banking and advertisements. Advertisements can be founded on Novian's web portal, Stroll, which revenue goes to funding future projects.

Novian Bank is the national banking platform developt by Novian, as an automated user-to-user transaction software. Originally it was limited to Novian citizens only, however, the platform was opened up and made separate from Novian (the site) accounts and registration is open to anyone. It functions using Novacoin, Novapara's digital currency.


Novian culture is largely based on art (theatrical, musical, artistic, etc.). Much of the population have very strong convictions regarding Western medicine, diet, pop culture, religion, and education. However officially the nation maintains a neutral stance on most subjects.

Novapara officially is not religiously affiliated by popular opinion. (Values from various religions like Christianity & Buddhism are admired and some even practiced/accepted, however, the act of following & identifying as one isn't popular.)

Food in Novapara has much inspiration from Asian, Italian and Tex-Mex dishes. Fresh and organic foods are strongly preferred throughout the nation. Notably, 43% of the population is pescatarian & 14% does not eat grains, dairy or sugar.

Foreign Relations

Novapara formally was an observer member in GUM, before being annexed to Zenrax and then holding a seat as one of the Empire's delegates. Since becoming more independent once again the nation as looked to rejoin the organization as their own entity again. The nation is also a ratifying member of Naturel Organic Organization (private, non-government affiliated organization).

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