New Woodleland Bengal Cats

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New Woodleland Bengal Cats
Founded5 March 2019
CityWoodlelands City
Team Colors 
Nickname(s)Bengals, Bengal Cats
CoachAyan Laverty
LeagueSeybold Basketball League

New Woodleland Bengal Cats is a Seyboldish basketball team, based in Woodlelands City and competing in the Seybold Basketball League.


On 5 March 2019, formerly unemployed citizen Ayan Laverty, who was supported by President Cooper Norfolk and the rest of the Seybold Department of The Census in the situation, officially established the Seybold Basketball League (SBBL). The SBBL was founded by Ayan Laverty since he wanted to add another cultural aspect to the Democratic Republic of Seybold. Since he currently is the only member of the SBBL, he will have ownership over his very own Basketball team. His team is called the New Woodleland Bengal Cats, according to Ayan Laverty. The team is called the New Woodlelands Bengal Cats because the team is from the Province of New Woodlelands and the Bengal Cats is an animal that represents Ayan Laverty and his family. Ayan Laverty will be the only member and coach of the New Woodlelands Bengals. Sadly, they currently cannot compete since they are the only team in the SBBL. The Seybold Department of Art and Culture has endorsed the SBBL and recognized it as an organization.


# Nationality Name Date of Birth Height Pos Previous Club
Seybold Flag.jpeg
Ayan Laverty N/A Unknown All Positions None