New Westphalian National Party

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New Westphalian National Party

There is Another Way
LeaderDaniel Morris
Leader in AssemblyTrystan Cline
Founded1 August 2013
HeadquartersPraetorian Hall,
Youth wingNational Youth
Membership (2014)2
Political AlignmentCentre-right
Seats in NW Assembly
3 / 9

The New Westphalian National Party (DE:Nationale Partei, FR: Parti National, ES: Patido Nacional, GD: Pàrtaidh Nàiseanta) or the National Party is the centre-right conservative party and the second largest party in New Westphalia, holding three seats in the New Westphalian Assembly. It is the second oldest party in New Westphalia, founded in August 2013 along with the creation of New Westphalia. It is the main force of centre-right and occasionally right wing policies in New Westphalia, advocating individual responsibility and privatising of services.

It saw an immediate spark in popularity, given the conservative politics of parts of Draega and Trystansburg and is a strong advocate of Westphalian Sovereignty, prizing the sovereignty of New Westphalia and her people above all other matters. Despite their differences with the Labour Party in terms of economic and social policies, the National Party agreed to form a coalition government with Labour in order to see New Westphalian founded on as strong a basis as possible.

The current leader of the National Party is the Rt. Hon. Sir Daniel Morris and is lead in the Assembly by the Rt. Hon. Rev. Trystan Cline, who is also the Deputy Chancellor of the Assembly in the Coalition Government.