New Westphalia

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New Westphalia
Flag of New Westphalia
CountryNew Eastonstein
 • Parliament OfficialDonovan
 • Total6

"New Westphalia" (US: /n-wstfɔːlɑː/ (About this sound (listen)) is a municipality in New Eastonstein. It was created in late October 2023 and has a current population of 6. Its current Parliament Official is Donovan. It was the 3rd municipality admitted into New Eastonstein.


The municipality of New Westphalia gets its name from the Westphalia region in Germany.


New Westphalia was founded in late October of 2023 and was originally called Runswick and soon after it was changed to Rothenburg, after the Holy Roman Empire state. On 15 December 2023 the municipalities name was changed to New Westphalia.