National Coalition Party

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National Coalition Party of New Westphalia

Joka menneitä muistelee, sitä tikulla silmään.
(as Liberal Party)
HeadquartersNo. 46,
Youth wingNC Youth
Membership (2014)1
IdeologySocial Liberalism
Civic Nationalism
Third Way
Political AlignmentCentre
ColorsAmber and Blue         
Seats in NW Assembly
3 / 9

The National Coalition Party of New Westphalia (DE: Nationale Sammlungspartei, FR: Parti de coalition nationale, ES: Partido de Coalición Nacional, FN: Kansallinen Kokoomus) (commonly referred to as the National Coalition Party or simply NCP) is the second largest (in terms of assembly seats) and youngest political party in the Republic of New Westphalia. Founded in September of 2013 as the Liberal Party, it is currently the only Centre political party in New Westphalia. It was founded by after being made head of the Liberal Party. Before the general election the Liberal Party was rebranded as the National Coalition Party in order to appeal to more voters, it worked, with the NCP gaining a seat from the Nationalists in their conservative heartland of Trystanburg, to go on to form the next government of the republic.

The NCP have aimed to bring political parties of the spectrum closer together and to put an end to the political squabbling that is rife in politics. Currently the National Coalition Party hold three out of nine seats in the New Westphalian Assembly and they are hoping to push for four at the next general election.


The National Coalition Party is a party that believes in Social Liberalism. They believe in equality for all citizens of New Westphalia and are also hold a belief in Civic Nationalism. The National Coalition party feel that the contrasting left and right-winged views of the National party and Labour party can be mitigated through the NCP. The Party supports environmentalism this can be viewed within their manifesto. Same-sex marriage is a key issue the party strongly supports. They support the Scottish government and UK government's legalisation of equal marriage and hope to have it legal within the state of Colorado (which Trystanberg is located) in the near future.

In the current NCP Election Manifesto, several pledges are made for the upcoming 2014 General Election which are aimed around constitutional law such as; The passing of the Equality Act, which would set to establish the rights of citizens in law, and an environmental bill.


The National Coalition Party understands that New Westphalia is currently too small to successfully tax our citizens. However, the NCP proposes allowing individuals to make contributions to New Westphalia, either by donation for a specific cause or purpose or to the government in general. We do also recognise that most of our citizens already donate a great deal of their resources to New Westphalia at present, so we are against pushing for donations.

Local Government

The National Coalition Party supports the notion of devolving powers to the regions of New Westphalia. However, we understand that, at present, the republic is too small to push devolution through. Although, we believe the devolution of powers to local authorities to allow for the introduction of new citizens to their constituency would be beneficial to the young nation.

2014 Election Platform

On 22 August 2014, The National Coalition Party released their official election platform for 2014 General Election.

Should you choose to elect us we promise to:

  • Increase the number of citizens of New Westphalia.
  • Fight for the rights of every citizen.
  • Promote the culture of New Westphalia.
  • Protect the environment to the best of our abilities.
  • Extend the hand of New Westphalia to our friends in the micronational community and increase the number and quality our relations.
  • Work with the other parties of the Assembly in order to represent the views of all citizens.

How we plan to carry out these promises:


  • Through the creation of the Chancellor of Immigration position we can have an individual focus solely on the issue of increasing citizens.
  • Through the devolution of powers to local authorities to allow for the introduction of new citizens to their constituency.
  • More links between the Chancellor of Immigration, Chancellor of Foreign Affairs and the local authorities to allow for greater contact and induction of new member states.

Equal Rights

  • Through the introduction of new legislation which would enshrine the rights of every citizen into law.
  • Through the passing of a series of equal rights laws which would focus on gender, sexual orientation, age and race.
  • Through the creation of the New Westphalian Court of Human Rights which would see to enforce the new laws.


  • Through the formation of a national broadcasting agency which would see the introduction of a regularly updated news source.
  • Through the creation of the Chancellor of Culture position.
  • Through the inclusion of New Westphalia into any competitions (sport or other) held through the Microwiki forums.


  • Through passing new laws which could see the introduction of new guidelines into the percentage of recycled waste of each citizen.
  • Through awareness campaigns to promote recycling and energy saving tips.
  • Turn it off campaign.

Foreign Affairs

  • Through working in close connection with the Chancellor of Foreign Affairs to review potential relations.
  • Through allowing the local authorities to make new connections and extend the web of New Westphalian relations.

Equal Representation

  • Through allowing suggestions from all parties of the assembly we can increase the representation of our citizens.
  • Through working with the parties of the assembly we can guarantee that a wider spectrum of views can be met.

The National Coalition Party understands that many citizens may feel unrepresented by the left policies of the Labour Party and the right policies of the National Party, we offer a centre alternative which hopes to promote the views of all our citizens to the assembly. On the 30th of August please vote Nation Coalition Party, for a fairer New Westphalia.

Representation in New Westphalian Politics

Currently the NCP are represented in most branches of New Westphalian politics, with members in the Assembly and a Lab/NCP coalition government.

NCP in the Assembly

The NCP currently hold three of the nine seats in the New Westphalian Assembly, making them the second largest political group. The NCP Leadership have made it their goal to improve upon the poor performance of the Liberal party and gain between 3 - 5 seats in the Assembly at the 2014 General Election.

Government Election Leader Seats Lost/Gained Outcome
I N/A - Provisional Gvt.
2 / 9
N/A Labour Minority (Hung)
II 2014
3 / 9
1 LAB/NCP Coalition

Election performances of NCP

Election graph.png

Predicted result of next general election


Members of Government

The Leader of the Party, , currently serves as Deputy Chancellor of New Westphalia and as the Archon for Drakenport.