New Phoenix

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City of New Phoenix
—  Sub-Divisional Capital City  —
Royal Progressive Sub-Divisional Metropolitan Capital District of New Phoenix
Flag of the City of New Phoenix
Logo of the Nouveau Phoenestrian City Council
Country Kingdom of Gendarania
Established 28 May 2019
Founder King Charles Ross I
Named for Phoenix, Arizona
 - Type City Council
 - Body Nouveau Phoenestrian City Council
 - Mayor Sir William Wilson (Libertarian Party of Gendarania (LPG))
 - Representative to the National Assembly Sir William Wilson (Libertarian Party of Gendarania (LPG))
Population (2019)
 - Total 2
 - Rank 1st (within Gendarania)
Demonym Nouveau Phoenestrians

New Phoenix is a city state within the Kingdom of Gendarania. The area functions as a border crossing (with the neighboring Empire of Emosia) as well as the capital of the nation.