New Byzantium

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New Byzantium
Eagleland flag 2013.pngNocoa.png

Peace. Prosperity. Power.
Capital cityNew Constantinople
Largest cityWinters
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)Secular
DemonymNew Byzantian
GovernmentLordian Government
- KingMany leaders
Area claimedTBA
Population4 IRL, many more in digital space
Time zoneTBA
National sportChess

New Byzantium is a new nation just recently founded. It's a successor to the failed Eagleland, with a new government, a new law system, and various other improvements in mind.


Probably one of the biggest things about New Byzantium is the Economy. Citizens adhere to a belief of an infinite wealth of money that the Bank Master (current bank master Master Jack I) that the government can take from at any time. The money is spread mostly equally to all people, with the one exception being criminals, which get no money.


Pre-New Byzantian

Before New Byzantine, there was Eagleland, and before Eagleland there was Ceturion/centurion. It is believed we have all the information about these states. They both had law codes of 5 laws each, and New Byzantine shares Eagleland's flag. It is believed the flag, declaration of independance, and a coat of arms, are all these states ever amounted to, along with the Credit, the New Byzantine currency.

New Byzantian

New Byzantine was founded on 2/7/2014. Some discussions about population growth also went on during that period. New Byzantine decided to incorporate Digital Colonies on 2/8/14. (Digital Colonies are official colonies, by law, that exist on cyberspace. Usually they are less complicated or important than the actual colonies.)