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Eagleland flag 2013.pngNocoa.png

Love, prosperity and peace
Capital cityWinters
Largest cityWinters
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)None (All religions accepted)
- KingJack I
Area claimedTBA
Time zoneTBA
National sportTBA


Eagleland is a micronation founded on 4/14/2013.


About a month before Eagleland's foundation, a nation called Centurion was founded. Centurion was a failed micronation, as it had plans much too far out of its reach. Eagleland was then founded as a successor and replacement to Centurion. The declaration was written on 4/14/2013, and the flag, coat of arms, and first laws were made official the next day. On 6/12/13, Eagleland went active again. On 7/12/13, Eagleland changed into a Somewhat democratic monarchy whose government type is Known as Eaglelandianism. For latest information about Eagleland's successor, New Byzantine, just click here; New Byzantine


The current president is President Jack I. The prime minister is yet to be announced. Grand ministers are the only people who can give permission to the president to modify the 5 laws of the people, which are as follows ;

  • Law 1 = All people are the same. Liberty and justice for all must be available, and racism is a punishable crime when used for discrimination.
  • Law 2 = Gay rights must be available, and the LGBT community must not be discriminated.
  • Law 3 = Slavery is a punishable crime.
  • Law 4 = Animal abuse is a punishable crime.
  • Law 5 = Crime must be surveyed by government before punishment.

The government is considering a 'lotus' system for growth. After the first day of citizenship, the government lends the new citizen some land. They have the power to spread the word and register citizens. The empire's main fear is information being skewed. New citizens are highly encouraged to go on the official website. Due to information getting skewed, the government is considering handing out small papers.


Eagleland has a currency, the Credit. However, the credit is not true legal tender, and the dollar remains the official currency as of 5/6/2013.

Jack I

Full title Grand minister and military advisor, King Jack I, Jack I is the King of eagleland and the grand minister of Eagleland. He created the constitution, Wrote the second act, and created the flag and coat of arms. He is a important part of eagleland history.

Law & order

Eagleland currently has very few laws. Punishment is currently being thought out.


Eagleland is always seeking for an ally and some advice. Please check the talk page if you are here.