National anthem of the Republic of Caelesta

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Soarele, Patria!
The Sun, The Country!
Соареле, Патрйа!

National anthem of
NewFlagCaelesta.png the Republic of Caelesta

LyricsConnie Julie, 10 March 2021
MusicLudwig van Beethoven, 1822–1824
Adopted11 March 2021
[Link to Sound (Youtube)]

Soarele, Partia! is the national anthem of the Republic of Caelesta. Its music has been composed by Ludwig van Beethoven in the years of 1822-1824 for Symphony No.9.

The lyrics were made by Connie Julie without any help. The lyrics and the anthem were made official on the date of the 11th of March 2021.

It has translations in 3 languages: the Romanian language, the Caelestan Language and the English language.


Romanian Caelestan English

Sus in picioare Caelesteni, mandriti-va de tara!

Tara aceasta frumoasa pe care ne-a dat-o Dumnezeu!

Si nimeni nu ne va putea dobori cand suntem impreuna!

Asa ca sus sa va ridicati,

Sa va slaviti patria mama!

Сус ын пйкйоаре Каелестени, мындрйцй-вэ де царэ!

Цара ачаста фрумоасэ пе каре не-а дат-о Думнезеу!

Ши нймени ну не ва путеа доборы кынд сунтем ымпреунэ!

Аша кэ сус сэ вэ рйдйкаци,

Сэ вэ слэвйци патрйа мама!

Stand up Caelestans, be proud of this country!

This beautiful country that God gave us!

And no one can take us down when we are togheter!

So stand up,

To glorify your motherland!