National Liberal Party (Caudonia)

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National Liberal Party
LeaderNed Fram
Deputy LeaderCaden Mesanko
Founded9 August 2021
Dissolved22 August 2021
Preceded byFactions of the Liberal Party
Membership (2021)2
IdeologyNational liberalism
Political positionCentre
House of Assembly
2 / 13
Cabinet of Ministers
1 / 8
Election symbol
National liberal small Caudonia.png

The National Liberal Party (Slovak: Národná liberálna strana; Scots: Naitional Liberal Pairtie) is a political party in Caudonia. It is a small centrist party within Caudonian politics. The party leader is Ned Fram.


The party was founded by Ned Fram on 9 August 2021 by defectors from the Liberal Party

Electoral results

The party has not yet competed in any elections.