National Broadcasting of De Heen and Mildeburg

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Radio Television of De Heen and Mildeburg
Type Broadcaster
Country De Heen and Mildeburg
Availability Worldwide
Owner De Heen and Mildeburg
Key people Joeri Groen
Established 2017
Motto TBA
Former names
Television RTHM 1, RTHM 2, RTHM 24+ (radio: Radio De Heen, Radio 12)


RTHM have 3 TV Broadcasters: RTHM 1, RTHM 2, RTHM 24+ and 2 radio stations: Radio De Heen and Radio 12. RTHM 1 is the news and event channel. RTHM 2 is the family channel and RTHM 24+ is mostly a mixture of children TV, music videos and documantairies. Radio De Heen is the main radio channel with news and modern music. Radio 12 is a commercial radio broadcaster with mostly rap and hip-hop music.

Television Programs




  • RTHM News
  • Spreekuur