National Anthem of Matthewopia

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"Pingarni Fauna"
Pingarni Fauna.PNG
A screenshot of the sheet music

Current anthem of

Also known as"King Matthias March"
LyricsMatthew Hubbard
MusicMatthew Hubbard, ??
Adopted13 March 2018

Script error: No such module "Side box".The National Anthem of Matthewopia, previously known as Pingarni Fauna[1], and King Matthias March[2] was the national anthem of Matthewopia.

It was adopted on 13 March 2018 and is a hybrid song combining Aboriginal hymn Pitjai Inkaart-urna with Matthewopian lyrics. It was written by Matthew Hubbard, with the original instrumentation being for pipe organ, but it was later orchestrated. It was also the royal anthem - played specifically in the presence of the monarch of Matthewopia. The anthem is often referred to by its incipit of "Pingarni Fauna", but this has never been its official title, which is simply "National Anthem of Matthewopia".


The lyrics and melody of "Pingarni Fauna" were adapted from the Aboriginal hymn Pitjai Inkaart-urna, from Hermannsburg, Northern Territory, in the Western Arrarnta language[3]. The hymn was first sung in a round by the Ntaria Choir. As Australian indigenous languages are purely verbal, the phonetic spelling is only for Western audiences.

The hymn was taught at the 2017 National Folk Festival, by choir teacher Rachel Hore and Australian indigenous hymn singers Genise and Nicholas Williams, in which Matthew Hubbard was a participant. The song was first performed on Matthewopian soil on an electronic organ with lyrics already adapted to suit Matthewopian audiences.


Pitjai Inkaart-urna

The song is translated into Western Arrarnta from an English text and is sung in a three-part round.

Pitjai Ingkaart-urna

Arrkana lyilhitjika.

Era nthurrpa nama

Kutatha, kuta.

Pingarni Fauna

Pingarni Fauna;

Arkana Bicikli Nah;

Peena Una Varna;

Arkana Bicik-la.


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