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CapitalSpoliarium Magna
• (at peak) (+ 40 allies and auxiliaries) census
Preceded by
Succeeded by
The Mohawks

NED was a powerful state that existed in Crediton, United Kingdom inbetween the years 2005-2009. It was very strongly influenced by the Mohawks of Cheriton Fitzpaine, and the Mohawks were at one point subordinates to NED in its alliance. NED was the greatest of all the Den States of Mid Devon, and after the Mohawks died out, became its successor state.

NED was a very advanced den state, with a complex constitution, hugely active populace, powerful military, and very advanced metallurgy and mining as well as many buildings built throughout its empire. It scores 3.6 on Linden's Revised system of classification and 3 on the Mile's scale of economic potential.


NED got its name from a carving made on a branch in its late prehistory. The carving was made by Nathan, who would later become one of the founding members of NED. Nobody knows what the carving actually meant, other than it being "DEN" backwards.


NED's history spans about four years, from the founding of NED in Autumn 2005 to the Fall of NED on the 5th of August. In that time, NED became a colony of the Mohawks and at the same time achieved influence across Mid Devon.


The development of the Mohawks at Cheriton Fitzpaine was important in the development of NED insofar that it provided a model of large battles fought between enemy armies, and of a soldier-leader. The den states in Crediton had been by contrast primitive, conducting warfare only through tit for tat raids. In late 2005, 2 people from Cheriton Fitzpaine, Will and Liz, moved into the top of Queen Elizabeth Drive, a central point of the den world and a major area of den states. The two new people brought with them knowledge of Mohawk civilization, and they soon became friends with a group of 4, who were named Daniel ,Nathan, Zoe and Angie, who also lived at the top of Queen Elizabeth Drive.

By the start of the winter, this group of six had found a den and had found bricks in that den. Zoe invited someone from down the road, who belonged to the group the Raiders. This led to their den being attacked, and Dan was elected to be the first President of NED. At this time NED only contained the boys of the 6 large group.


NED therefore began as a small clique of people who inhabited the den of Spoliarium Magna alongside the girls. NED struggled to be the legitimate "owner" of the den until early 2006, when a rocket was fired into the north of Spoliarium Magna, which was then unknown and was a claim of the Avranches Empire. Following the discovery of this new part of the den, NED claimed to have found more of the den than Zoe and thus became the "official" owner. It also admitted into its ranks the young ones from the top of Queen Elizabeth Drive, bringing the population to 11. WIll was appointed head of recruitment, and he soon brought his two friends Luke and Jack to the den.

This growth in population helped cement NED as the leading faction in the north. In the summer of 2006, conflict with Avranches led to a war, in which NED was ultimately victorious. This led to the conquest of much of the east, and the girls all became members of NED. This war was only won because of the creation of the NED Army, led by Nathan, the first General of the army.

After the war was won, Dan stepped down as President of NED, after a presidency of less than a year. Nathan was elected to take his place, and Will was moved to position of General. NED began a period of expansion, as more links were made with the Mohawks with Sebek and Tom accepted as honourary members, Sam moved to Queen Elizabeth Drive and became a member of NED, and an alliance was formed with the Mohawks. These close links with the Mohawks de facto made NED part of the Mohawk patrimony.

Height of Power

Nathan was behind two main wars in the period from 2006-2007. The first of these was in the South, from the start of his rule in summer 2006 to the spring of 2007. This was a campaign against the Raiders in order to find out where they kept their resources and how best to attack them. The second war was against Avranches in the summer of 2007, which led to all of the Avranches territory being ceded to NED.

Nathan also presided over the creation of an alliance with Westernlea, to the south and the Old Oak Gang, which was also to the south. These two alliances provided a lot of manpower in the form of auxiliaries. NED was by this stage widely recognized as the premier power in the Den World.

In the summer of 2007, Daniel and Nathan were evicted, and General Will was elected to take power. Luke took the position of General. This led to a new phase of expansion which led to most of the Raiders dens in the south falling to NED, and also the integration of Westernlea into NED in the second half of 2007. New social reforms and army reforms were made, which helped keep discipline and enriched the nation. The Raiders were almost completely dstroyed, and NED reached its peak of more than 20 members and 40 auxiliaries and allies.


NED's fall began with the Westernlea rebellion in September 2008, which seriously undermined Presidential authority. This was compounded by the dissolution of the Mohawks and the Old Oak Gang, which severely limited NED's manpower. NED struggled to battle the rising tide of enemies that were circlign around NED, but the army was increasingly demoralized and undermanned.

In mid 2009, President Will was reelected for a second term, but already some dens had to be abandoned because they were increasingly difficult to defend. In the middle of 2009, Luke was fired for "fraternizing with the enemy". A few weeks later, this led to Luke returning and leading most of NED's army into battle against the President and loyalist forces. The rebels won initially, and sacked Spoliarium Magna. It was later retaken by the Loyalists, but the damage had been done, and NED went into a very rapid decline thanks to Luke claiming a presidency and starting a splinter group of NED in the south, which led to Will and Luke being deposed on the 5th of August 2009 by the Raiders and other invaders like Avranches. At that state, NED was no more, with its wealth stolen and vitality smashed.


The military of NED's was the most advanced and one of the largest in the whole den world. It was a benchmark of professionalism in the armed forces never again seen in the den world. The army included within its tactics Roman and Napoleonic formations and weaponry, as well as 4 main divisions: The President's Bodyguard, the Heavy Infantry, the Light Infantry and the Lancers. Each had distinct weaponry and formations.

The army was led by the General, the second in command in the NED state and an important counterbalance to Presidential power. Below the General there were the Officer's Ranks, which went from Colonel to Major, Captain, and Lieutenant. An Officer got his own Office, a land grant in the main den that was supposed to produce materials for the NED state. officers also served as administrators in the NED system.

Below the Officers ranks were the soldiers, who did not get land grants in the den. The soldiers were expected to work the land and fight for NED, as a sort of citizen soldiery. The ranks of this went from Sergeant Major to Sergeant, Corporal and then Private. These ranks were forbidden from giving orders to anybody, while the Officers Ranks could command all soldier ranks and officers 2 ranks below them. All promotions in NED's army required acts of bravery.


NED's economy was very simple, as there was no coinage in NED. The economy had become, by 2007, a command economy based upon the demands of the President after all resources in NED were collectivised. The Presidents commands were based around the ordering of constructions of buildings such as treehouses, which of coruse created a demand for resources which the army had to either capture or scavenge. All this required weapons for capturing resources and defending the new buildings, creating a huge arms industry in NED.


NED's culture revolved around racing. The most popular sorts of racing involved bikes, skateboards, go carts and "cardboard box inventions", which were combinations of bodyboards, cardboard boxes and skateboards. The races were mainly held at the top of Queen Elizabeth Drive down to the bumps nearest the top, and they were usually held in biannual tournaments or as celebrations of victories. Another important part of NED's culture was the dens around which it was built. Buildings were built in the dens such as treehouses, fortifications, small cob buildings, and brick furnaces. The brick furnaces were traditional, dating back to before NED was founded. There was always a furnace in NED's territory from 2005 to 2009, when NED finally fell.

NED was a highly militarized society, influenced by the Mohawks of Cheriton Fitzpaine. The society of NED was built around the military, including its social structure where promotion was only available by military service. most of NED's industry was based aroudn the creation of weapons to arm its soldiers or to build fortifications for them.