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The Den World, also known as the Mid Devon Sector, is the collective classification of all the den states that existed in Mid Devon from the mid 1990s to the present day. The Den World is a distinctive strain of micronationalism that is different insofar that the micronations here are all of a physical presence and not of a cyber presence.


The Den World has a long history, and countless micronations rose in it, many now lost. The Den World was once a simple hobby, but it soon grew into a world of interacting states and with its own conceptions of law, culture and civilization.


The Den World originated in Mid Devon in the mid 90s. The first dens probably originated in the northwest corner of the Long Plantation in Crediton. At this time, no more than 10 people would be involved in dens that would be largely peaceful, because they were more individual hobbies than a group of nations. However, when knowledge of dens spread to the schools in Mid Devon, Dens spread across Mid Devon. It did not take long for inter den relationships to be made, and the total Den World's population would have risen to about 30.


In the early 2000s, the Raiders began their ascent in the West of Crediton. This was during a period when the Den World shifted from the East of Crediton to the West. As the Raiders rose, they created the Empire of Avranches, and also helped develop Westernlea to the south. Beginning in 2003, the Mohawks also began their rise in Cheriton Fitzpaine. They brought with them their version of Den civilization, which they exported to Western Crediton. NED's rise began in 2005, and by 2008 they were the mightiest Den State to ever have existed, having become superior to the Mohawks themselves and were in a position of command over them. They had a total of 60 members and allies, and this was just a third of all people involved in the Den World, with as many as 170 people involved in the Den World as either enemies, or simple "barbarians".

The loss of the Mohawks, and the Fall of NED brought about a collapse of Mohawk civilization across the whole Den World, and a correlated implosion of population. Following the fall of NED, the Den World's population was reduced to 30. This was compounded when Jacks Acre no longer was a place where Cheriton Fitzpaine school sent its kids after the new school was built in 2010.


Since 2010, the Den World has mostly been in decline. The DEONQED was the main power in this time, although it was also in decline. The Den World's main problem in this time was demographic, as the population shrank from about 30 in 2010, to about 20 in 2011, levelling out at about 15 in 2012 and finally declining to less than ten in 2013. The Den World had returned to an age of raids against other den nations.