Murrayfield Civil War

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Murrayfield Civil War
Date: June 15–22, 2009
Place: Murrayfield
Outcome: government reform to the Kingdom of Murrayfield

Socialist Republic of Murrayfield Defense Forces of Sandefreistikhan

Victoria rebels
Field Marshall Ben Lawson (Chief Commander of government forces)
HMGuillaume le Premier
(Commandant en Chef of the Defense Forces)
Daniel Phillips (Chief Commander of rebel forces)
Government: -troops, unconfirmed non-national supporters
Unknown (State Secret), Tu-95 dispatched for recon. and Aircraft Carrier Les Défenseurs placed on guard
Rebels:Unconfirmed amount of support
- -


Prelude to war

War starts

Sequence of events

Sunday 14th June 2009

Victoria rebels seize Victoria base from Murrayfields control.

Murrayfield move military to defcon 4,mobilising their military to counter the threat.

Monday 15th June 2009

10:55am Victoria rebels officially declare war on Murrayfield.

11:00am Murrayfield officially declare on Victoria rebels. A state of civil war is announced and all power is transferred to the politburo,the election is postponed until further notice.

Wednesday 17th June 2009

Both leaders meet for talks in an attempt to restore peace. Several ideas were put forward one is for both leaders to become joint leaders of murrayfield however no decision has yet been made. Hopefully peace can be restored soon and murrayfield can return to being the great nation it is.

Friday 19th June 2009

Second round of peace talks take place between both leaders a settlement is agreed and the fighting stops. Finalising of the agreement will be made tomorrow, many changes are likely to take place within murrayfield with regards to the government and so on.

The two sides

The Government

Victoria rebels


Sandefreistikhan: H.M. Guillaume le Premier (Lama and Premier of the CPGLS) of Sandefreistikhan has recently taken interest in the Civil War. He currently is condemning the Victorian rebels for inciting violence into peaceful streets, and it asking for both parties to reach a compromise or to continue in the old ways.

June 21, update: H.M. Guillaume le Premier (Lama and Premier of the CPGLS) has declared that he will now side, and become active, with his fellow socialist forces. This means he will fight the Victorian rebels.

June 22, update: H.M. Guillaume le Premier (Lama and Premiers of the CPGLS & Politburo) is deeply upset by the decision of the Communist Party of Murrayfeild. The Lama also states that Murrayfeild-Sandefreistikhan relations will also be corrupted by such event.

United Empire of POMHB: Chancellor Metatorik has heard of the civil war and asks that there be compromises and a steady transition from communism to something else. "Communism doesn't work" says the Chancellor. The chancellor became somewhat more sympathetic toward the Murrayfield government after it became a kingdom.

Stigistan: King Joe I is disappointed that Ben is giving power to the rebels. He thinks that Ben is not a very good leader because he is too weak and gives in too easily.

Democratic People's Republic of Erusia: The 3rd Central Committee of the Erusian National Communist Party, in the absence of it's General Secretary Robert Lethler, condemned Ben Lawson and all former members of the Murrayfield Communist Party as "counter-revolutionaries who, for the second time, have seriously threatened the stability of the micronational Socialist movement" and declared that Ben Lawson had "fabricated this entire event to restore the corrupt and decadent monarchy of Murrayfield". Shortly after, the Standing Committee of the National People's Assembly declared war on the Kingdom of Murrayfield.

Cheslovian Federation: The Cheslovian Federal government has stated that it is disappointed to see the Socialist Republic of Murrayfield reform into a monarchy.